The District

Riverport Sign

Levee District Established

After careful review of the costs, liabilities and scrutiny associated with the formation of a Public Levee District, the Riverport Project Trust determined that it was in the best interest of Riverport to transfer the maintenance responsibility of the Riverport Levee system to a new quasi-public entity, The Riverport Levee District.  Becoming a Levee District required a thorough review of the system by the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) and FEMA.  After having a complete review, the Riverport Levee District was accepted into FEMA’s PL 84-99 program.  This program allows participating districts to be reimbursed for a majority of costs associated with flood fighting; flood fighting being any additional work associated with reacting to a high river stage resulting in a declared flood event.  During major events the cost of this work can be significant, being a participant in the PL 84-99 program makes the district eligible for 90% reimbursement of expenditures above normal operating costs.  Liability and insurance costs were significantly reduced by the formation of the District. 

Levee District Operations

An extensive Operations Manual has been developed by the District Engineer (in coordination with ACE’s guidelines) to direct the efforts of District Maintenance personnel.  Day to day operations, as well as preparation and training for flood fighting is accomplished at the direction of the District's Maintenance Supervisor.  Periodic (none less than yearly and many monthly, weekly and even daily) reviews and maintenance of each component of the Riverport levee system are performed by the District's contracted personnel.  Ongoing maintenance and monitoring ensures that day-to-day operations run smoothly and that the system is prepared to operate properly through flood fights during high water events. 

District Flood Fighting Operations

During a Flood Fight, the Riverport Levee District follows the Response Plan as detailed in the Operations and Maintenance Manual.  This Manual dictates specific operating procedures to minimize the impact that a high water event has upon businesses within Riverport.  The Maintenance Supervisor for the Riverport Levee District monitors river stages along the Missouri River to determine whether preparations need to be made for Flood Fight Operations. 

Missouri River stages can be found on the National Weather Service website.  The District use the St. Charles Gauge to determine river levels.

Because of its size, the Missouri River generally rises at a slow and predictable rate allowing crest forecasts to be made several days in advance of the actual crest.  The slow rate of rise of the Missouri River will allow time to communicate pertinent information and/or notifications and implement a response plan. 

Aerial Map

The district outline can be seen in the following aerial view: